You started your wellness practice to help others; not destroy yourself.

Your work should inspire and refuel you. MobiusLife is a consulting and coaching business that exists to help you grow your wellness practice.

My passion is helping people grow personally and professionally. Since you’ve spent years focusing on how to help serve others, let me help you with the business-end of things.

Your practice, like your clients, can work better, more efficiently.

Seamless Like A Mobius

Your practice, should be seamless - consistent. Like a Mobius strip …

seamless like a  mobius strip Mobius by Max Froumentin.

The Mobius Strip is a single surface object. It is made by taking a ribbon of material, start forming a loop, then add a single twist.

Try it with a piece of paper. Build a Mobius Strip then put a pen or pencil on the surface and start drawing a line along the surface, keep going, eventually you will return to your starting point.

Your practice must be consistent like the mobius strip. That’s where the concept of the Mobius Life comes from; an aim or desire to be consistent in all we do.

Work Together

Let’s work together. Work to grow your practice with more clients. Keep your clients longer. And develop your business so it operates without consuming you.

MobiusLife is about building systems, tools, and techniques to help you develop the wellness practice you envisioned.